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Jim Hoffman, Executive Vice President of Claims,  joined LassiterWare after spending 25 years as an Independent Insurance Adjuster in Florida. Mr. Hoffman represents a team of 3 licensed adjusters who serve as a claim liaisons for our customers, conduct loss history analysis and monitor claim procedures. LassiterWare has the largest and most credentialed team of any brokerage house in the state and each of our clients can depend on our team to provide the following as a part of guarantee to Serve You First!

  • Proactive Claims Management Assistance including claim reporting, monitoring, communication, and claims auditing.
  • Proactive Loss Control/Safety
  • Frequent communication! Quarterly Claim Review Meetings to ensure that you are aware and up-to-date with regard to all claims.
  • Experience Modification Factor (EMR) audits/forecasts to assist employer with decisions involving “light duty” verses “lost-time” claims as well as to help determine the best WC program plan design going forward.
  • Aggressive, thorough, well organized and timely renewal marketing.
  • Insurer and plan-design options 30 days prior to effective date.

“Our company experienced a significant loss recently and LassiterWare’s claims unit assisted our company through the process as follows:

  • Conducted strategy meeting focused on how to communicate to the carriers
  • Assisted in the accumulation of data to ensure all communications were consistent with the pre-set strategy.
  • Worked with carrier to ensure reserves were fairly set
  • Advocated the claim to closure
  • Attended mediation

Over all the support they provide helped us resolve the claim for under 20% of the initial monetary request.  Outstanding result!!” –  Large Distribution Client