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Bill Nolan, CIC, CRM, MBA serves as the liaison to our preferred loss control vendors as well as technology implementation coordinator to provide platforms that aid our clients’ risk management procedures. Bill works diligently to make sure that developing a safety culture doesn’t become a full time job. With customized web based, cloud based, and internal solutions staying compliant has never been simpler. In addition to finding the right tech fit for your business, Bill and his team provide many other function critical to a successful risk management program.

  • On-Site Surveys
  • Safety manual – Review and recommend helpful revisions per your company specifics
  • Loss analysis – We analyze your losses and identify proactive risk control practices to mitigate future losses
  • Industrial hygiene lab, AIHA-accredited – e. excessive noise and airborne contaminants
  • Comprehensive safety training – Hands on or web-based safety training
  • Supervisory leadership and safety management
  • Library of resource materials

“Bill Nolan assisted us with our OSHA compliance and record-keeping needs and showed us how to improve our efficiency in that arena, in addition to providing us with necessary guidance and resources to address safety training issues and position our company better, should OSHA come knock on our door.” – Commercial Construction Client