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Eric D. Hendrickson

Eric D. Hendrickson, CEBS, GBA, CHRS

Executive Vice President

Employee Benefits Department

With 23 years of experience in the field of employee health & welfare benefits, Eric brings a unique and creative style to employee benefit plan design, insurance management and financial insurance consulting. Eric operates with simple principals to drive big results. His focus centers on identifying clients’ interests and needs, with respect to the most important asset of most organizations today, its’ people.

In addition, Eric specializes in helping senior management navigate spiraling costs by way of acumen and utilizing the vast array of LassiterWare industry resources. He performs a “living-autopsy” of an organizations’ health plan, identifying over-expenditure areas and clarifying the process. Eric sets himself a part as he takes the time to properly evaluate and explain an organizations’ plan. The shared goal between him and his clients of implementing a long-term cost containment strategy has been the key to his many years of success.

As an Executive Vice President, he represents the Employee Benefits Department on LassiterWare’s Executive Council.

Outside of LassiterWare, Eric enjoys traveling, finding the next best restaurant and soaking up the Florida sunshine.